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Welcome to Hunter Valley Hand Made Custom Pens

At Hunter Valley Hand Made Custom Pens we create quality handcrafted pens, Clocks and other items just for you. Custom designs are usually made to order for our customers. Each Item is unique, as all our Items are hand made from slightly different timbers. The pens are stylish and luxurious. Each pen is designed and crafted from either a variety of unique and unusual timbers (mostly recycled), or acrylics or resins.

We spend hours carefully shaping and polishing each pen to create a work of art. The range of pens includes Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens and Ballpoint Pens. The pens are designed and handcrafted to feel comfortable to hold, look spectacular and write beautifully.

A large range of Burl wall clocks are also available for those who are looking for a special present for that special occasion

In a world where a lot of items are mass produced, manufactured goods, just imagine how good it would be to hold your own unique, individually and beautifully crafted, polished, wooden or acrylic, fountain, rollerball or ballpoint pen.  Each pen writes smoothly and feels wonderful to hold.  Most of the pens accommodate standard refills making them easy to get, you will end up writing instrument that will last a lifetime.

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Purchasing Items
When purchasing items from Hunter Valley Custom Pens it takes just a few easy steps.

Hand Made Custom pens:

Hand made custom pens provide great ways to bring your ideas into reality. There are several pen kits available in the market which have a different kinds of pens. Hand made custom pens are good because you can customize them according to writing needs. Custom pens are less expensive than handmade custom pens and expensive than custom pencils in Australia. Posca pens can be used for colorful paintings because posca paint pens are available in a variety of colors. Brush pens are also used in paintings on large scale. We have fountain pens here fountain pen is a regular writing personalized pen. Gel pens are great which gives shine to your writing style. Simple led pencils, carpenter pencils, and personalized pencils from each other regarding their quality.

These pencils can be used for raw work during designing, painting, and sketching characters like watermen. Parker pens are high-end crafted personalized parker pens. Parker pen is made for professionals and students. Muji pen are also good for professionals if you are looking for personalized pens. Calligraphy pens are great to work calligraphy work or lovers. We have engraved pens with different designs engraved on them. Novelty pens are also known as national pens. Meta Pens also loved these days.